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Christmas 2015
Scavenger HuntsDecember Holidays Education World (5)
Mahjong 1-5
A Bunch of Games

Mad Libs

1. ABCYa Sugar Sugar

2. Holiday Sing-a-Long

3. How to Make a Snowman

4. Jingle, Jingle

5. Twelve Holly Days


Word Games, Mad Libs,
and More

Gingerbread House
Christmas Quiz

**All Things Christmas Games**

**Christmas Traditions**

Santa Quiz

Advent Calendars

1. Santa’s Advent Calendar

2. Santa’s Home

3. Christmas Tree

4. Stockings


  1. Christmas Tree 1
  2. Christmas Tree 2
  3. Christmas Tree 3
  4. Christmas Tree 4
  5. Christmas Tree 5
  6. Christmas Tree 6
Matching Games

1. Christmas Stockings

2. DLTK Matching

3. Smiley Face Christmas

4. Santa Differences

5. Gingerbread House Differences

# Snowman Dress Up

  1. Dress Up a Snowman
  2. Rudolph
  3. Build a Snowman
  4. Snowman Friend
  5. Make a Snowman
  6. Gingerbread House 1
  7. Gingerbread House 2
Word Games

1. Word Search 1

2. Nutcracker Hangman

3. Word Search

4. Christmas Crossword

5. Easy Crossword

6. Riddles

7. Squiggly’s Riddles
Naughty or Nice?


2.Email Santa

3.North Pole

4.Santa Claus.net

5.North Pole Times


1.Elf and Gingerbread House

2.Tree Drag and Drop

3.Candy Cane Drag and Drop

4.Kidzone Puzzles


Print, Color, Play

  1. Fun School Printables
  2. Squiggly’s Coloring Pages
  3. Squiggly’s Puzzles
  4. Free Kids Coloring
5. Coloring Pages

Online Coloring

1. The Color

2. Coloring.com

3. Fun School

4. Make and Print Snowmen

Logic Games

1. Christmas Tree Light Up

2. Santa Snowline

3. Tech Toyland

4. Oliver the Elf

5. Christmas Sudoku

A Game A Day

First Grade


external image candle-alpha.gif
  • Alphabet Game
    See the letter and a picture, select the letters, type the letters, then go to the next one!
external image arthurschool.jpg
  • Arthur Goes to School
    Help Arthur find his missing sock and toothbrush so he can get ready for school. (online lift-the-flap book)
Chicken Stacker
Chicken Stacker

external image worm.gif
external image critter_jum.gif

  • Critter Jumble
    Critter Jumble puts your spelling skills to the test. Move a mixed-up hodgepodge of letters to reveal the mystery word.
external image hpop-scenario.gif
external image etchyfind.gif

external image funnyclowns.gif
  • Funny Clowns
    Fun observation game, predicting the outcome of a picture and then studying clown faces for similarities and differences - parent and child activity
external image funmatch.gif
  • Fun Match
    Match animals, instruments, numbers, good food, junk food, flowers and more in this multi-level matching game.
external image funwithfireengines.gif
external image trainfun.gif
  • Fun With Trains
    Parent/child activities - discuss the pictures and what you can find
external image kidscomputer.gif
Gawain's Word
Gawain's Word

external image etchyfind.gif
external image hauntalpha.gif
external image globe.jpg
external image catsinarow.gif
Lionel's Talking Gizmo
Lionel's Talking Gizmo

external image bb-dollh.gif
Look Out Below!
Look Out Below!

external image bb-face.gif
external image williamwillya.gif
external image rwskill.gif
external image se.gif
Mox's Shop
Mox's Shop

external image fb-oddball.gif
  • Oddball
    One of these things is not like the other..... if you're right 20 times, you can post your name!
Gus the Duck
Gus the Duck

external image rainbowfrogs.gif
external image hpop-scenario.gif
  • Scenario Creator
    Write a story with forest animals, what are they saying, what are they doing?
external image funmatch.gif
Pete's Sheep
Pete's Sheep

external image thomtank.gif
external image abcowicon.gif
external image typeme_icon.gif
  • Type Me Rescue falling letters and words by typing them correctly on the keyboard. Three versions with adjustable skill levels makes this a challenge for anyone!
external image williamwillya.gif
Word Play
Word Play

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Make a Snowflake

Make a Flake


Flake Maker
Dem Bones
Kaboose Halloween Games
PBS Kids Halloween
Ben & Jerry Halloween Games
Halloween with Boowa & Kwala
Pumpkin Simulator

Holiday card in KidPi


Gingerbread Man