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POPapalooza ~ Thursday, January 28, 2016

Elementary Tech Classroom Links

Secret Lives of Wild Animals NSF (GPS Tracking)

Preschool Ocean Animals

Ocean Animal Games

Look for the codes around our school. Each code is a link to a kid friendly video. Find your favorite sea creatureand enjoy!!Scientists are using GPS systems to track many of them for information about conservation, habitat, endangerment, and safety.
Have fun "streaming" your videos!
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Dolphins QR.PNG

Whale Shark QR.PNG

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Stingray QR.PNG

Building Code, Junior
Coding explores computer science and software programming. It's for students, parents, teachers, and adults who want to learn and have fun with technology from age 4-104.
Computer Science is not just a STEM -- science, technology, engineering and math -- subject, but a liberal art as well. POP is teaching students to think critically about digital media environments so that will think critically about our world.
Our students are already doing algorithms, the basic building blocks of computer programming. The resources are out there!

Click on the Code Monkey, Elsa or Shaggy, and his Kodable Fuzz Ball Friendsfor tonight's POPapalooza activities.



Visit these pages for more coding fun for all ages!

Angry Birds

Flappy Birds

Play Lab

Code Kingdom

Code Monsterr from Crunchzilla


List of Mobile Apps for Coding Activities:Kodable


Little Dinosaur

Lightbot and Lightbot Jr.

Daisy the Dinosaur


You did it! Here are two Waldo Words for your Popapalooza Raffle. Record them on your program. You will need (9) words to enter the drawing!



Money Games
Try these fun activities and learn all about using money

Fun for the Brain
All grade levels - all subjects - lots of fun

Click on your grade level and play your favorite game

Sheppard Software Games
Games and activities for PreK-1

Great Disney website for making cards, stories, movies, etc.

Jig Zone Puzzles
Select a puzzle from many different categories

All About Me
A student favorite...great website for beginning readers

Interactive Map of the United States
Try to place each state where it goes on the map

State the State
From Cool Math Games - Guess which state is shown

States and Capitals
CyberKids states and capitals game

Free Rice (Donate Rice to the Hungry)
Donater rice to the hungry by answering questions

Tomato Bounce
Practice your mouse skills

Cool Math Games
Strategy, logic, and computation - a student favorite

Fun for the brain - we love Grammar Gorillas

National Gallery of Arts for Kids
Check out Faces and Places

Spelling City
Use our "sports related" spelling words to play games. Choose the games under
the free green bar.Angry Birds