What will my preschooler learn by using the computer?

We live in a rapidly changing, technological world. It is important that children become comfortable with technology and computers early in life. The software and websites we use teach beginning reading and writing skills, concepts such as counting and number relationships, problem solving, and creative expression. Our children come to preschool with a wide range of computer experiences, and are encouraged to learn at their own pace and comfort level. All the preschoolers are exposed to some computer terminology. For example, many can point to and name the mouse, the keyboard, and the computer monitor.

When using the computer, they focus on learning how to use the mouse or improve their mouse skills. Young children have to isolate the clicker on the mouse; practice using one hand on the mouse; and understand the relationship between the mouse and what happens on the monitor. Some children will gain confidence and skill in navigating the software programs. By working with children in these ways, we are encouraging their growth and development and helping to prepare them for a future in which they will need to know how to use technology. Prince of Peace Catholic School offers technology classes to all four year old preschoolers. Their teachers assist in the lab for thirty minute sessions once a week.

Mrs. Stromeyer

Elementary Technology

Students will...

Form Letters

Learn the letters of the alphabet

Learn to follow letter outlines on the SmartBoard

Consistently stay in lines

Outline letters quickly and easily

Grip the SmartBoard pen comfortably

August 2017
Intro to Lab
1. Introduce mouse to students by having them sit in a small group on the floor
2. Have students hold up their pointer finger and middle finger. I call this "bunny ears". I show them how the bunny ears lay on the mouse buttons but never touch the bunny's nose, which is the scroll button. Demonstrate how the other three fingers hug the mouse and help to move it on the mouse pad.
3. Next demonstrate left clicking. I start by saying "left" clicking. If they don't know left, I tell them to use their pointer finger.
4. Send students to their seats. Have them make bunny ears and lay their fingers on the mouse properly. Walk around and check each students' fingers. Make adjustments, if needed.
5. Display the following website on the SmartBoard to reinforce finger placement. It shows someone's fingers laying on the mouse properly. Click on "How to Use the Mouse".
6. Instruct students to watch and listen to "My Computer Mouse". Click on the START button beneath the jigsaw puzzle to start the video.
7. Reinforce left clicking by having students visit Bees and Honey
Balloon Game - Using the Mouse

September 2017
Smartboard - Letter of the Week (forming letters)
iPad - Preschool Workbook (forming letters)
Starfall Video Lesson - Letter of the Week
Happy Clicks
Video the Letter A (a sound)
Smart Activity - A Bushel of Fun
The Letter A
Using uppercase and lowercase
Matching Activity
CyberStart - mouse touch game

October 2017
Halloween Activities
Creepy Coloring
Make a Pumpkin
Halloween Match
Ghost Hunt
Starfall Video Letter G
Letter of the Week
Video: Space Case (Halloween)
SmartBoard Forming Letters
Batty's Tic Tac Toe
Hidden Pictures - Halloween
Build a Scarecrow
Halloween Match Game
Squirrel Match Game - Highlights
Color By Number Pumpkin
Pumpkin Carving
Carve a Pumpkin
Halloween Jigsaw - Skeleton Dance
Halloween Coloring
Hidden Pictures - Halloween
Ghost Hunt
Monster Numbers

November 2017
Focus on Keyboarding
Turkey Hunt
Turkey Tic Tac Toe
Create an Animal Ocean - Create an Ocean -Sheppard Software
Create an Animal Farm - Create a Farm
Students will learn about homes and habitats for animals.
Happy Clicks - Using the Mouse
Dragging and Dropping Games
Students will learn to use keyboard arrow keys in maze activity.
Students will use interactive drag and drop games perfect for the
preschool student to learn mouse control.
Keyboard Zoo
Balloon Bang
Goodnight Moon - Coloring
Doodle Pad - Draw a D
Beginning Sounds
Match the Numbers
The Letter J - Jigsaw Puzzle
Build a Scarecrow
Funny Food Face

December 2017
Christmas Coloring
Happy Clicks
ABCYa Christmas

Advent Calendar Games
Snowy Feast
Dancing Santa
Merry Christmas Space Case
North Pole Games
Make a Gingerbread House
Count the Flowers
Alphabet A-E
Dress for Winter

January and February 2018
ABCYa! Preschool
Turtle Diary Typing
Habitats - Envirospotter
Alphabet Goop
Keyboarding Zoo - ABC Ya
Penguin Puzzle
Gingerbread Baby Video - Gingerbread Baby House
Candy Land Gingerbread Boy
Hidden Pictures - Backstage Preparations
Switcheroo Zoo
Make and Print a Snowman
Counting Fish
Fishin' Mission
Number Recognition
Letter Sound Recognition
Weather Game
Valentine Puppy Jigsaw
Catch a Heartl
Heart Concentration
Musical Heart Bells
Gravity Game - PBS

March and April 2018
Happy Clicks
St. Paddy's Day Coloring
Crank it Up!
Global Gizmo Match Game
Buster's Movie Maker
Crickweb - Butterfly Coloring
Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt
Paint an Easter Egg
Paint an Easter Egg
Mouse Practice
Keyboard Zoo
Earth Day
Happy Clicks
Video: Weekend with Wendell
All About Me
Butterfly Match Game
Flutters Tic Tac Toe
Butterfly Jigsaw
Butterfly Puzzle
Alphabet Games and More
Alphabet Bingo
Keyboard Zoo
Happy Clicks - Using the Mouse
Highlights - Hidden Pictures
Coding for Pre-K - (Code Studio)
Smart Activity - Colors and Shapes
All About Me
Sheppard Software - Seasons
Hidden Pictures/Umbrellas
Heart Patterns
TuxPaint - Introduction to Stamp Pad, Resizing Tool
Small, Medium, and Large
Letter Practice
Make something out of your letter
The Letter Practice
Forming the Letters
Keyboard Zoo
Alphabet Letter Bubble
Numerical Order
Balloon Bang
Goodnight Moon - Coloring
Doodle Pad - Draw a D
Internet for Kids
Build a Neighborhood



May 2018
Smart Activity
Literacy Center - Reviewing the Alphabet - Uppercase
Alphabet Order
Bunnytown Ice Cream Parlour
Earth Day Games - Sheppard Software
Toucan - Color by Numbers
Paw Park
Doodle Pad
Minimouse Games
Keyboard Zoo
Intro to Microsoft Word Processing

I have a wiki space for my technology lessons. I have found this to be incredibly useful when teaching. I have a very limited time to present my lessons. I have a tab for each grade level and include a brief overview of my plan for students. In addition to this overview, I include the links that will be used for the day. Students can simply click on the links to view the materials/activity/site and use the blue arrows (top, left of screen) to scroll back and forth between windows. Even with Kindergarten, this works great! I am including a link to my wikispace so you can get a better idea of what I do.

ick to see full plan

Lesson Resources

How to Use the Mouse
"My Computer Mouse" song
LES Computer Lab wiki

Week of April 2nd
Easter Coloring

Week of March 26th

Week of March 13th
Bunnytown Ice Cream Parlor
St. Paddy's Day Puzzle

Week of March 6th
Elementary Testing/No Classes this week
Week of February 27th
The Letter S - Seussville
TuxPaint - Hide and Snake
Using Pattern and Color
Green Eggs and Ham Video
TuxPaint - Green Eggs and Ham

Week of February 20th
Type to Learn Jr.
The Letter R

Week of February 13th
TuxPaint - The Letter Q
Make a Quilt
Week of February 6th
Type to Learn Jr.

Week of January 30th
TuxPaint - The Letter P (Stamping Penguins)
Making Pattern
Week of January 23rd
Type to Learn, Jr.
The Letter O
Make Letter O's in KidPix and Fill with Patterns - Using Fill Bucket
Put name on page for printing later
Week of January 17th
Week of January 9th
Smart Activity
Penguin Puzzle
A Penguin Story - Tumblebooks
TuxPaint - Black, White, and Blue

Week of December 12th
Tech Review
Smart Activity - The Polar Express Story or The Gingerbread Baby
Dress the Snowman
Decorate the Tree
Dancing Santa

Week of December 5th
Smart Activity - Christmas
Holiday Coloring - Mrs. Dana's Class (printout)
Smart ActivityVideo: Jan Brett reading The Gingerbread Baby (drawing and making gingerbread)
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread Baby House
Week of November 28th
Learn the Mouse with ABC's

Week of November 14th
Smart Activity - Patterns Assignment #10
Video Instruction (Patterns)
Letter J
Crazy Pattern Machine

Fall Leaves Jigsaw Puzzle
Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzle

Thanksgiving Match Game

Turkey Story

Week of November 7th
Smart Activity - Fun with the Alphabet
For Fun at Home
Bunnytown Ice Cream

Week of October 31st
Smartboard ABC Notebook

Week of October 24th
Find the Ghost
Funny Photos
Funschool Halloween Coloring

Learn the Mouse with ABC's

Week of October 17th
Rainbow Fish

Week of October 10th

Bubble Guppies
Make a Pumpkin

Week of October 10th
Dress Elmo for Fall

Week of October 3rd

Doodle Bugs

Story of Debbie Duck

Video: Harry the Dirty Dog - Storyline Online

Dress Barnaby the Weather Bear

Week of September 26th
The Letter C
Color Me Hungry
Elmo's Special Cupcakes
Click Clack Moo

Week of September 19th
The Letter "B"

Introduce Click, Click and Drag, Review Mouse Touch

Bees and Honey

Week of September 12th

Welcome to the Mouse House!!
Mrs. Argo's Class
Preschool Page
Introduction to Mouse, Keyboard, and Headphones
We will look at some alphabet letters.
Cyber Start

Week of September 6th

Week of May 16th
Bunnytown Ice Cream

ABCs from Starfall

Week of May 9th

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary
The letter Z

AVL for Kids

I is for Ice Cream Jigsaw Puzzle

Video: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Week of May 2nd
Using Tux Paint print the Letter Y and find yellow things to stamp on it.

Lil' Fingers Games

Kerpoof - A Disney Website

Week of April 18th
Draw and Color Easter Eggs in KidPix or
Easter Egg Match
Easter Egg Hunt
Rabbit Jigsaw Puzzle
Eggbert Tic Tac Toe

Easter Games

A Kid's Heart Easter Activities

Week of April 11th
Little Explorer's Dictionary Letter X
Animal Mix Up
Faith First
Week of April 4th
Letter W
Little Explorers Picture Dictionary
My Family - Paint a picture of Jesus with the Children and then The Lion and the Lamb.

Week of March 28th
Testing - Lab Closed
Week of March 21st

Writing Repeater


Letter and Word Match

Chicken Coop Picture Match

Week of March 7th
E-Instruction - Word Families - Color Words

Kerpoof - Introduce Spell-a-Picture
Use Letter of the Week - T
Select Scene - Use keyboard to type words

The North Wind
Sundance Literactive Books

TuxPaint - Make and Uppercase T
Find stamps beginning with T
Use positional words over, under, above, below, beside, around.

Week of February 28th

The Letter S

On Top of Spaghetti

Animal Snap
If we have time, we will make the Letter S in TuxPaint and stamp it with words beginning in S.

Week of February 21st

Week of February 14th
The Letter Q
Loosey Goosey Rhymes

All About Me

Week of February 7th
Tux Paint
Draw Hearts and fill them with color
Give your picture a background color

Week of January 31st
Letter P - Draw a Letter P and Stamp Penguins on it
Judy and Dana: Snowmen
Tania: Penguin

Week of January 24th

Let's find words that begin with our letter of the week.
The Letter O In TuxPaint: Make a Letter O and stamp an oranges on it.
Make ovals and use fill bucket to color them.

Using Tuxpaint Tools

Week of January 17th
The Letter N
Week of January 10th
The Letter M

Week of January 3rd
We will learn the basic tools in TuxPaint, our art program for Pre K-2
Count the Eggs
Doodle Bugs coloring pages from Fun School Kaboose

Week of December 13th
Watch Max's Christmas Video
Donkey Puzzle
Make a Snowman
Make and Print a Christmas Tree
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread Baby House

Christmas Games

Online Advent Calendar, a count down to Chris..

HelpKidzLearn - Advent Calendar

Northumberland NGfL: Advent Calendar 04
Online Advent Calendar
Maths - Christmas Maths - Topmarks
Snow Controller
Kawaii Christmas icon matching flash game. Av..
HelpKidzLearn - Make a Snowman

Weekof December 6th
North Pole Games
Holiday Coloring Game

Week of November 29th
The Letter K
Alphabet Goop

Dancing Santa
Coloring Pages
Jigsaw Puzzles

Week of November 15th
The Letter J
Thanksgiving Tic Tac Toe
J is for Jigsaw - Thanksgiving
Turkey Story
Match Em Up Thanksgiving

Week of November 8th
The Letter I
Bunnytown Ice Cream Parlor
Mouse Club

Week of November 1st
The Letter H
All About Me
Match Em Up Thanksgiving
Turkey Hunt
TumbleBook Story:
Helping Out is Cool

Week of October 25th
Halloween Match Game
Batty's Tic Tac Toe
Jack-o-Lantern Jigsaw Puzzle
Funschool Halloween Coloring
Find the Ghost

Week of October 18th
Funny Photos

Make a Pumpkin

Nick Jr.

Week of October 11th

Week of October 4th
Letter "D"
Hide and Seek with Zoomer
Color Darby the Dinosaur

Week of September 27th
The Letter"C"
Cyber Start Mouse Practice
Clicking Practice
Video Story: Chrysanthemum

Week of September 20th
Cyber Start
Bees and Honey Game
Coloring Book
Video: Johnny Appleseed

Week of September 13th
Parts of the Computer
Book Video - Click Clack Moo
What's In The Box?

Week of September 6th (Mrs. Dana)
Class Page
Parts of the Computer
Storyline Online - Harry the Dirty Dog

Week of May 3rd
Shape Games
Dress Up Game
Bear With the Blue Hair Book
Ziggity Zoom Online Puzzle

Week of April 26th
Detective Game - Mouse Skills
Dot to Dot
Ant Parade
Mercer Mayer Frog Story Video

Week of April 19th
Hatch and Match
Create Your Own Fish Tank
Hide and Seek with Ellie the Elephant

Video: Flossie and the Fox

Earth Day Coloring
Music Match

Week of April 12th
Alphabet Goop
The ABC Game

Tina's World - Following Directions

Bug Match
Counting Fireflies

Video: How Does a Dinosaur Say Goodnight

Weekof April 5th
Online Puzzles
Caillou Puzzle
PBS Kids Dress Up Games
Video: The Three Little Pigs
Aesop's Fables

Week of March 29th
Design a KidPix Easter Picture using tools
Online Easter Games

Week of March 22nd
Paw Park

Faith First Games

Week of March 8th

Week of March 1st

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss - Video

Seussville Games

Week of February 22nd
Letter R
Video: Rosie's Walk
God Made the Animals

Monkey Number Order

Week of February 15th

Week of February 8th
Letter P
Painting - Idea Machine Valentine
Video - One Zillion Valentines

Week of February 1st
Letter O
Mouse Around Video
Tux Paint Stamp
Make Letter O's and use fill bucket to fill with different patterns
CyberSmart Review

Week of January 25th
Letter N
Kid Pix Template Color Stamp
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat
Week of January 18th
Letter M

Week of January 11th
Intro to KidPix

Week of January 4th

Runble Grumble Gurgle Roar
Coloring Book

Week of December 14th
Make a Snowman
Make and Print a Christmas Tree

Week of December 7th
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread Baby House
Christmas Games

Week of November 30th
Mighty Jungle Coloring Book
Wake Up Jeff
Juice Box Videos
Jumping Rhymes

Weekof November 16th
I Spy Shapes
Animal Alphabet Find the letter "I" for iguana
Bunnytown Ice Cream Parlor
Tumblebooks: Into the Tub
Thanksgiving Match Game

Week of November 9th
The Letter H
Hot Hippo
A Home for Pearl the Squirrel
He Came With The Couch

Week of November 2nd
CyberStart Practice
Art Game
Guji Guji
Dress Grover
Color a Giant
Goldilocks Video

Week of October 26th
Find the Ghost
Funny Photos
Funschool Halloween Coloring

Cyber Start Mouse Practice
Video: Space Case or The Very Brave Witch
The Night I Followed a Dog
It's Time to Fight a Fire
What Should Firefighter Fran Wear?
Fire Safety
Find the Shape
ABC Game

Week of October 19tb
Video: The Most Wonderful Egg in the World
Elmo's Silly Song - The Wheels on the Bus
Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama
Press any letter on the keyboard to see that letter appear. Watch and listen. Browse all Sesame Street Games.
PBS Kids
Dress Elmo for Fall

Week of October 12th
Doodle Bugs
Story of Debbie Duck
Video: Harry the Dirty Dog
Dress Barnaby the Weather Bear
Creepy Coloring
Copy the Face
Copy the Builder
Put the House Back Together
Mousing Around with Instruments
Color the Wiggles
Color Me Hungry
Story Song-Calico Pie

Bees and Honey Game

What's In The Box?

Coloring Book

Caveman Shapes

Matching Shapes

ABC Zoo from Fisher Price

Alphabet from NGFL

Little People Shapes and Coloring Game from Fisher Price

Putt-Putt's Favorite Songs

The Alphabet Song sing-along from Speakaboos

Learn Colors & Shapes from Fisher Price

Phonics Learning Game from Fisher Price

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

Count the Score from Fisher Price

Elmo's Silly Song - The Wheels on the Bus

Elmo's Keyboard-O-Rama

Press any letter on the keyboard to see that letter appear. Watch and listen. Browse all Sesame Street Games.

PBS Kids

Dress Elmo for Fall

Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes from Elmo's Do What I Do Songs

Elmo's Fire Safety Game

Chicken Dance Elmo

Count the eggs.

Clifford's Letter Round Up

Click the cow wearing the letter spoken. Recognize letters and sounds.

Zoe's Pet Shelter


Seasons with Zoe

No clicking needed. Just listen and move the mouse when prompted. Great Parent Tips appear next to the activity.

Teletubbies from PBS

Great site to use with a Tablet PC! Lots to "tap, tap, tap".

Teletubbies from Sprout

Barney's Musical Counting from Sprout

Nursery Rhymes from BBC

The Big Comfy Couch videos

Registration required.

Kidz Club

Itsy Bitsy Book from Kid Zone

Greencoloring pages

Redcoloring pages

Bluecoloring pages

Yellowcoloring pages

Purplecoloring pages

Orangecoloring pages

Other colors found along the top of each page.

Color Sorting from A Kids Heart

Shape Worksheets from Kid Zone

Interactive Stories from the Little Animals Activity Centre

The Wishing Tree and others. Listen and click when prompted.

Teach Me 1 2 3s from Fun School Kaboose

Click an object, watch and listen.

Counting on a Cloud from Fun School Kaboose

Number Matching from Fun School Kaboose

Click a number. Click the ? beside a set of objects to place the number.

Connect the Numbers from Fun School Kaboose

Learn ABCs from Fun School Kaboose

Move the cursor over pictures. Watch and listen.

Connect the Letters from Fun School Kaboose

Stacker from Fun School Kaboose

Arrange letter or numbers in order before time is up. Click and move the cursor to position.

Doodle Bugs coloring pages from Fun School Kaboose

Shape Cave from Fun School Kaboose

Preschool Activities from First School

Printable worksheets. See side menu for many categories including Alphabet, Bible, Safety (with telephone coloring sheets), Numbers, Mini-Themes, and much more.

Preschool and Kindergarten Games from Sheppard Software

Fimble's Stories from BBC

The Three Bears and other stories.

The Story of Shapes from Pre-School Story Place

I Spy Shapes from Pre-School Story Place

Bath Time from Pre-School Story Place

Click objects that should go in the bath.

New Fish on the Reef from Pre-School Story Place

Try the Take Home Activity also to make a fish who is different.

Swimming is Fun For Fish from Pre-School Story Place

Listen carefully. Move the cursor to find the right spot and click so that the fish swims over, under, through, etc.

Five Little Babies from Pre-School Story Place

Five Hungry Crocodiles from Pre-School Story Place

Six Little Teddy Bears from Pre-School Story Place

Count the Bananas from Pre-School Story Place

What Will Bella Wear from Pre-School Story Place

Look out Bella's window to see what the weather is like that day.

Baby Gorilla Goes Shopping from Pre-School Story Place

Oh dear. Choose which items Momma Gorilla should buy.

Which is Bigger from Pre-School Story Place

Color Story from Pre-School Story Place

Color the rainbow with Freda Frog. Can you guess the colors before Freda?

What Color is It? from Pre-School Story Place

Classic Jot Video Cartoons from Family Net

Sticks & Seasons from Gisele's Big Back Yard and TVO Kids

Explore by moving the cursor.

Loosey Goosey Rhymes from Gisele's Big Back Yard and TVO Kids

Magic Mailbox from Gisele's Big Back Yard and TVO Kids

Click the mailbox to see a letter appear.

Letterella from Gisele's Big Back Yard and TVO Kids

Press any letter on the keyboard. Watch and listen

Shapeville from Gisele's Big Back Yard and TVO Kids

Find the shapes requested in each photo. Are you a Super Shape Finder?

Bees & Honey from Gisele's Big Back Yard and TVO Kids

Practice using the mouse to move the cursor. Watch the numbers appearing in the corner showing the total.

Connect the Dots from Rolie Polie Olie

Watch for the blinking clue and listen.

Doodle Dots from Gisele's Big Back Yard and TVO Kids

Connect the dots to reveal a hidden object.

Bunny Count from Fun Brain

Count the bunnies. Click the set of objects having the same number. Count and match numbers or objects.

The Alphabet from A Kids Heart

Alphabet Match and printable coloring sheets.

KiddoNet Phonics

Select a letter; then click each picture that begins with that letter.

Alphabet Action

ABCs from Starfall

Watch for the cursor change and click objects to see even more. Scroll to the bottom of the page where print-out pages are also offered.

Gingerbread Man from Starfall

Click words as needed and listen. Click to select an object to decorate the gingerbread man.

Find the Letter from Create a Reader

Listen and click to select the letter requested.

Letter Sounds from Create a Reader

Watch and listen. Repeat when prompted.

Find the Number from Create a Reader

Listen and click to select the number requested.

The Story of ...










Online stories to read and watch. Worksheets available at the end of some activities.

Names of Numbers from AAA Math

Monkeys, Ducks, and Frogs sample from Sherston

Math - Comparisons and Numbers from A Kids Heart

Ladybug Spots: click the ladybug to add spots; print the worksheet. Apples, penguins, and others also offered.

Counting Object - Block Graphs