Interactive Whiteboard Resources for Elementary Teachers
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1) Elementary Resources for Interactive Whiteboards Virtual Handout: 2) Summer 2012 Workshops: 3) Shared Whiteboard Resources:

Part I: Interactive Resources

1) Britannica Online School Edition via AVL:
  1. a. Click on Student Resources è Elementary è Britannica Online School Edition è Learning Materials
  2. b. Also ideal for Learning Centers or Computer Lab Activities
  3. c. If you want to record scores, teach them how to use Prnt Scrn
  4. d. K-2 Teachers: Also look at Britannica Learning Zone
2) Sheppard Software: 3) Teacher LED: 4) Thinkfinity Student Interactives: 5) Cyberkidz Games: 6) BBC Bitesize: 7) Random Name Selector:

Part II: More Interactive Resources

1) Class Tools: 2) Crickweb: 3) Topmarks: 4) Primary Interactive: 5) Primary Games Arena: 6) PBS Kids Interactive Whiteboard Games: 7) Peep and the Big Wide World:

Part III: Even More Interactive Resources

1) TES i-Board Player: 2) Thinglink: 3) UEN Interactives: K-2: & 3-6: 4) National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: 5) Spin and Spell: 6) Gudli Online Games: 7) Arcademic Skill Builders:

Sites with More Resources

1) UNA TiM Interactive Web Resources: 2) ASU TiM Interactive Web Mix: 3) ASU TiM Interactives for Dibels & ARMT: 4) IWB Mix: 5) Smartboard Goodies: 6) Interactive Internet Resources: 7) Interactive Tools LiveBinder: 8) SMART Ideas:

Specific Whiteboard Resources

Disclaimer: Due to his position with the state department, your Technology in Motion Specialist cannot recommend a particular brand of interactive whiteboard over another.
1) Promethean Planet: 2) Smart Exchange: 3) Mimio Connect: 4) eInstruction/Interwrite Community Site: